About iPro: A History of Service to Oklahoma’s Public Sector

Formerly the Oklahoma State Webmanagers Group, iPro has continuously served Oklahoma’s public sector web content managers, public information professionals and digital artists since 1997. Begun and administered by the Oklahoma Department of Libraries (ODL), the organization evolved into a fully qualified 501 (c) (3) educational non-profit organization in 2013. ODL continues to act as the organization’s official sponsor in state government, although iPro is managed completely by its volunteer members.

iPro is both educational and collaborative. Its main purpose is to serve as a self-help “co-op” whose members concentrate on improving government communications with Oklahoma’s citizens using online technologies. iPro does this by…

  • Building a community of web professionals who assist, teach and learn from one another.
  • Providing continuing education opportunities in the form of presentations, seminars, workshops and product demonstrations.
  • Serving as a consultant to government organizations seeking to adopt policies or implement programs related to web-based content and services.

Membership in iPro is free as is most of its official functions. Modest fees are charged only for events where the organization incurs a cost to bring experts to train members.

iPro is also active in the review and recommendations process regarding technologies and techniques for use by state and local government. Among other things, the work of IPro members has resulted in the following:

  • Rules and standards for accessibility of government web content for persons with disabilities.
  • Social media adoption by Oklahoma’s state government and terms of service negotiation.
  • Acceptable terms of service for social media use by government agencies.

The membership of iPro is quite diverse, and includes web developers, public information specialists, graphic artists, content managers, social media specialists and ma ny persons not directly related to information technology duties.  Members work for Oklahoma’s state government agencies, municipal and county governments and non-profit organizations.

iPro members have different levels of expertise, and almost always have other responsibilities in addition to their web-related duties. The group encompasses both those who are advanced in the art of managing web-related assets, and those with little or no “webwork” experience whatsoever.

iPro’s membership philosophy is this: there’s room for everyone.