iPro Membership List

Adriaanse, Alex Medical Licensure Board
Alexander, RobertManagement and Enterprise Services (OMES)
Alsip, AmandaWagoner County
Askew, MelissaLibraries Department (ODL)
Atteberry, DeanWagoner County
Baird, CraigeCity of Ponca City - Technology Services
Baker, DebraManagement and Enterprise Services (OMES)
Ball, Ellie Agriculture Department
Barrymore, SteveBigWing Interactive
Bassett, JamesPublic Safety
Behrens, AndyOU - Harold Hamm Diabetes Center
Bewley, JackStapleGun
Boedecker, JakeNorthwestern Oklahoma State University
Boone, BryanDepartment of Commerce
Breshears, AndrewOklahoma State University
Brown, JessicaState Bureau of Investigation
Burgess, SidGovDelivery
Cain, KeliEmergency Management
Calkins, JamesDistrict Attorneys Council
Carlson, Michael Regents for Higher Education
Carpenter, BrianWestern Oklahoma State College
Carr, Rob ABLE-Tech
Carter, Cindy Physician Manpower Training Commission
Case, CaseyPresident
Casel, Tyrone Veterans Affairs (ODVA)
Christy, Denise Career and Technology Education
Cloud, MelissaNortheastern State University
Cole, ShaunaManagement and Enterprise Services (OMES)
Cooper, Gary City of Yukon
Cowan, ScottArts Council
Cowden, Sara Management and Enterprise Services (OMES)
Cox, Debbie Center for Advancement of Science & Technology
Cox, LoganOU - Main Campus
Crystal, RaymondTax Commission (OTC)
Davis, Chad State & Education Employees Group Insurance
Davis, HillaryOklahoma Interactive
Dawes, Brenda ABLE-Tech
Devero, Justin Management and Enterprise Services (OMES)
Doe, DouglasN/A
Doherty, JonEsri
Dorris, ClaytonBigWing Interactive
Drury, Kevin Transportation Department (ODOT)
Duncan, Julie Cameron University
Eckenstein, EdSmartly Secured
Edwards-Johnson, AdriPioneer Library System
Fagin, ToddOklahoma Biological Survey
Felty, Rick Department of Environmental Quality
Fields, TomCareer and Technology Education
Fisher, MontieElection Board
Fleming, JeriConservation Commission
Freeborn, CourtneyDepartment of Health
Gavin, JoelArts Council
Gillman, KristenWildlife Conservation Department
Golightly, StaceyPontotoc Technology Center
Goode, AprilOneNet
Gray, AmandaTulsa Community College
Gray, Neil City of Nichols Hills
Hamar, CourtneyOklahoma State Regents for Higher Education - OneNet
Hansen, Stacy Conservation Commission
Hardridge, DonnaDepartment of Public Safety
Harlin, JoeCorrections Department
Harvick, ChaseEmergency Management
Hennigh, ShamanTax Commission (OTC)
Herlihy, Debra Regents for Higher Education
Heskamp, BobTransportation (ODOT)
Horton, Megan OSU - Communications Services
Hou, EdManagement and Enterprise Services (OMES)
Hough, DanBiological Survey
Hughes, DarlaAuditor and Inspector's Office
Hutchison, JoeManagement and Enterprise Services (OMES)
Isaac, StephanieMental Health and Substance Abuse
Jansen, Jerry House of Representatives
Jayanti, MaynaADTRAN, Inc.
Jenkins, CorbiDepartment of Transportation
Jensen, SarahCity of Norman
Jinks, DavidCareer and Technology Education
Johnson, Nate Securities Commission
Johnson, Staci Insurance Department
Kaiser, CharlesSecurities Commission
King, MichaelDepartment of Environmental Quality
Koehler, MikeSmirk New Media
Koloen, ScotAuditor and Inspector
Kota, Pravina OU - Health Sciences Center
Langston, Courtney Oklahoma Interactive
Lowrey, JakeManagement and Enterprise Services (OMES)
Lunsford, KellyDiversified Digital Marketing Service
Lynn, BaileyDepartment of Corrections
Lyons, LoriMetro Technology Centers
Matthews, JudithLibraries Department (ODL)
Mattox, Sadie Libraries Department (ODL)
McBane, ValerieCareerTech
McElhaney, SkylarEnvironmental Quality
McKee, RandySupreme Court
McNeil, Liz Labor Department
McRae, KatherineHuman Services Department
Meyer, AnnahlyseDepartment of Transportation
Miller, Kathryn Ok AbleTech
Million, Bonny OU - Main Campus
Moore, Dan Southeastern Oklahoma State University
Newell, Robert City of Ardmore
Norman, Teresa Seminole State College
O'Hasson, Michael PixelMongers
Ohm, AmyRFD & Associates, Inc
Overturf, SusiePontotoc Technology Center
Palmer, MichaelUniversity of Central Oklahoma
Paschel, Arlene Libraries Department (ODL)
Paul, Ben Management and Enterprise Services (OMES)
Paul, PrakashEnvironmental Quality (DEQ)
Pittman, Kitty Libraries Department (ODL)
Porter, ShaneSam Noble Foundation
Powe, AmyManagement and Enterprise Services (OMES)
Prewitt, Jesse Francis Tuttle Technology Center (CareerTech)
Primeaux, Rose Career and Technology Education
Puckett, LynnHealth Care Authority (OHCA)
Pulse, RobertPittsburg County Genealogical Society
Randle, JeniferDept. of Human Services
Raymond, CrystalTax Commission
Reeves, ShelleyManagement and Enterprise Services (OMES)
Reyes, EdwardLand Office
Richardson, Rebecca Regents for Higher Education
Rinta, EliseDepartment of Public Safety
Robertson, JeffWildlife Conservation Commission
Robinson, LeslieCorrections Department (DOC)
Romans, ConnieCareer and Technology Education
Schulze, EthanOSU Student Disabilities Services
Schwartz, KelseyEmergency Management
Scroggins, MichaelEmbark
Sesock, KevinOklahoma Municipal Assurance Group
Shearer-Salim, LisaDepartment of Transportation
Shilling, ChrisChief Operating Officer
Silas, Derrick City of Enid
Simonton, TeriPixelMongers
Smith, Connie Geological Survey
Smith, Michelle Corporation Commission
Southerland, AdamSupreme Court
Stanford, ZachEmergency Management
Steen, JosephManagement and Enterprise Services (OMES)
Stirland, Madisonhttp://www.ok.gov/oid/ Environmental Quality
Sullivan, PatEnvironmental Quality
Tallon, Dana Rehabilitation Services Department
Taylor, FaraDepartment of Libraries
Taylor, Robert Health Care Authority (OHCA)
Tegenu, LivPinnacle Business Systems
Thornton, MarilynDepartment of Public Safety
Towry, Jennifer Historical Society (OHS)
Trumbly, Ronda Mental Health and Substance Abuse
Tseng, ShangUniversity of Central Oklahoma
Van Swearingen, MichelleOklahoma State Regents for Higher Education
Varghese, Reji Medical Licensure Board
Walton, James OSU - Oklahoma City Branch
Waters, SarahDepartment of Health
Watkins, TerriCommissioners of the Land Office
Webber, KimberlyTulsa Community College
Welch, Erik Attorney General
White, Stephanie Public Employees Retirement (OPERS)
Wiland, Dan Commerce Department
Woltz, JonSouthwestern Oklahoma State University
Wood, DebraCity of Sand Springs
Xu, Bei Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (BNDD)
Young, William Libraries Department (ODL)
Curry, GayleDepartment of Corrections