New Board Members and Officers

At the end of 2018, iPro voted on new incoming board members. I am pleased to announce that all three nominations have been approved by the iPro members to join the board of directors.

Congratulations and please welcome:

Nelson Solomon, Digital Media Strategist for the Oklahoma Health Care Authority

Alexandria Hart-Smith, director for Quality Assurance and Data Systems with the Protective Health Services Division at the Oklahoma State Department of Health

Greg Lockhart, Content Coordinator in the Public Affairs/E-Gov Division of OMES

The iPro Board of Directors met on January 8, 2019 to select and vote on officers for 2019.


Meet your iPro Board Officers:


Chairman- Alexandria Hart-Smith, Oklahoma State Department of Health

Vice-Chairman- Nelson Solomon, Oklahoma Health Care Authority

Secretary- Dawn Plumb, Oklahoma State Department of Health

Treasurer- Bill Young, Oklahoma Department of Libraries

Past-Chairman- Fara Taylor, Oklahoma Department of Libraries