There are some resources already available to members of the iPro that are provided by the organizations of other iPro members. Such resources are centrally cataloged on this page as they become available.

Logo of the Documents.Ok.Gov program.The Documents.Ok.Gov system makes state agency publications, reports and similar documents available to the citizenry via a “one-stop” digital repository.  More and more publications and documents are produced in digital formats by state agencies, boards and commissions. It’s anticipated that nearly all state government issued publications will soon be deposited in this repository in a digital format rather than published as paper copies for storage in libraries.

To find out more or arrange your agency’s participation, e-mail the Department of Libraries’ Publications Clearinghouse.

Logo of the Forms.Ok.Gov program.The Forms.Ok.Gov system allows citizens and other public sector employees to easily find state agency forms needed to comply with available to the citizenry via a “one-stop” digital repository.  Many of the forms issued by state agencies, boards and commissions have been converted to digital formats.  Some digital forms are merely printable versions of existing paper forms.  Others are actually capable accepting data entry from the citizen and storing that data as part of the form. Collecting state government forms in a centralized repository will hopefully save citizens significant amounts of time.

To find out more or arrange your agency’s participation, e-mail the Department of Libraries’ Public Information Office.

Logo of the GovDelivery corporation.GovDelivery’s Digital Communications Management platform (DCM) can be used to deliver important alerts, announcements and updated information to citizens. This web-based solution monitors websites for content updates and automatically generates e-mail or text message alerts when changes are detected on designated web pages. Messages can also be sent manually at any time.

GovDelivery is easy-to-use and is available online 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Benefits to organizations include:

  • Automated page watch allowing users to subscribe to various communications channels and send notification when content updates
  • Manual alerts that can be sent via e-mail, e-mail to SMS wireless, RSS and social media channels
  • Unlimited subscription topics and subscribers
  • Analytics and reporting tools
  • E-newsletter that allows agencies to create and design original newsletters or choose from customer designer templates
  • Subscriber features: digesting (instant, daily, weekly or monthly alerts), double opt-in (user must verify they want messages), RSS alerts (instead of e-mail or text alerts, the subscriber can receive updates via a personalized RSS feed), and user profile (subscriber can manage all their subscriptions from one location)
  • Assured delivery with a greater than 98% delivery rate

To discuss what GovDelivery can do for your organization or arrange for an account, e-mail the OMES OpenRange project.

dataokgovThe DKAN platform underpins the Data.Ok.Gov program, which is a mechanism for local and state government organizations to upload data to a central website for retrieval by the public. Data is published in raw format including xls, csv, xml, text and other file types. This technology supports 3 broad levels of public consumption:

  • Developers – use the data to develop applications that can be used/published in various formats; API-enabled technology;
  • Users – researchers and analysts who require bulk data to perform their tasks; and
  • Others – provides the ability to search records online; users can filter and sort data as needed and can even save their queries for future use.

Benefits to organizations include:

  • Centralized point for making bulk data available to the public
  • Supports several data formats
  • Data doesn’t have to be pre-formatted into reports
  • Organizations have direct control over data selection and uploads
  • Data can be updated online and reporting changes instantly

To  inquire about this service, including pricing, e-mail the OMES OpenRange project.

Social Media Review and Approval List

Under opinion rulings issued by previous Oklahoma attorney-generals, Oklahoma state agencies are prohibited from agreeing to certain provisions in the terms of service required by many social media services. Therefore, the Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES) reviews terms of service to determine if they are acceptable and, in some cases, obtains changes in those terms of service. iPro members can always determine which social media technologies have been approved for use by state agencies by visiting the OMES Social Media Policies site.